The only step you need to take to make time for meditation (+ Guided Meditation)

One of the hardest things to accomplish when trying to make space or time for anything you truly want in life is all about your mindset.


That might not be what you wanted to hear.


Most people want a quick and easy 5-step plan on how to make finding time for a new habit easy. It’s not 5 steps. In fact it’s only one and it’s simple, not easy. You just have to really want it.



What do you want?!


You know how when you really want something you will move heaven and earth for that thing. Like a boyfriend or a piece of chocolate cake.


You made that thing happen because you decided you wanted it. “I decided” is the key.



There are so many techniques, methods, and habits that we hear about on the daily. Things we should be doing to live healthier, happier lives. A lot of those ideas are amazing and will make your life better BUT only if you truly want them.


If not, they just become another thing you feel you should do. Adding to an already long list of things you can’t seem to get done and therefore adding to the stress and negative self-talk.


“Another habit you’re too lazy to start” or “I knew you would never finish that, you can’t seem to do anything you should”.


I know you have heard those voices before. They can run rampant if you let them. Life is too short to half-ass anything. Don’t do anything that you don’t want to do 100%.


But how do you know?


I believe that everyone finds exactly what they need when they are ready for it and not a minute too soon.


You are here because meditating sounds like it could be that thing for you. That one thing that finally helps you sleep, or stop worrying so much, or be a better spouse, mother, sister, daughter.


You also might be here and not quite ready for meditation. That’s ok too. When you feel like this is the time for you to give it a go, I suggest you ask yourself these questions.


  1. Am I willing to give meditation a real try?

  2. Am I willing to commit 5 minutes every day to this?

  3. If not, why? What is holding me back?


I know it sounds so easy when I put it like that, I know how 5 minutes of meditation can feel like an impossible task when your mind won’t let go of it’s running commentary on your to-do list and daily struggles.


This is why you have to decide and make the commitment. When it comes down to it, 5 minutes a day is not gonna impose on your life’s responsibilities. But your ego will find excuses to get out of it.


The best benefit


I truly feel that of the best benefits to finding the time to meditate daily (or almost daily) is the trust I gain for myself when I do something I say I’m gonna do.


We tend to put ourselves and our desires on the back burning to what everyone else expects of us. We would never no-show to a dinner with a friend but we will skip out on the gym when we promised ourselves we would go.


Yes, it’s easy and no one gets hurts, but is that really true?


In the long run, we wear down our self-respect and esteem. Our mind starts to replace the negative talk and put downs for the truth about ourselves.


So where do I start?


You start right where you are. In fact, you can start right now. If you have 4 minutes, you can click on the link below and listen to the meditation I created just for you.



It’s a meditation for people who are trying to make  time to meditation in a busy life.


YOU have an opportunity right now to take the time for yourself, and not just yourself because meditation makes you a happier, healthier human being which helps us all.


I know it’s crazy to think meditation can solve all the world's problems but I think it’s a great place to start.


We’re always looking out there when we should begin focusing on what’s inside first. Happier humans radiate their joy and it becomes a domino effect on the people you interact with and the situations you are placed in.


I hope you make time and meditate with me right now, or sometime soon. I will be here, waiting for you.


All the love,

jodi xx


P.S. I have a free download that talks you through all the basics of meditating, download that here for a quick reference on how to breath, sit, place your hands and everything else you need to know.