My Social Media Detox + Purge Emotional Writing

Social media has energy. A lot of it.


I know I have thought this and felt this before, but now more than ever, I truly believe it.


The energy I bring to social media and the energy I receive from it makes or breaks my day.


I like to believe I have more control over the situation than that, but the truth is, I don’t. I am helpless to its powers and it wasn’t until the past few weeks that I’ve been able to take that power back.



me and my phone


The only reason I have been able to see the errors of my ways is because I'm able to put some space between me and my phone, which is so easy to write but so very hard to do.


I have been hearing a lot more about how our phones are controlling our lives and how we are controlled by them, but I didn’t want to believe it.


I didn’t want to because I was enjoying the escape. Just like some bad tv or my favorite chocolate gelato, social media is a temporary distraction from our feelings.


Why Don't You Try...

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The endless scrolling and story watching is like drinking a big ‘ol glass of champagne without the calories. I feel like I’m doing and learning something while at the same time, sinking deeper into a pool of “not enoughness” and endless comparison.


Everyone handles feelings different


Now I know there are a lot of people out there who thrive on social media. They know where the line is drawn and when to step away, but I’ve never been that girl.


How do they do it!?! I am always asking myself, “am I the only one who is crushed by the weight of all the filtered images of perfect bodies, careers, families, etc.?”


I used to always consider myself a really positive person but I’m figuring out that I hide my negativity (quite well I might add) because I’m afraid of expressing it. All the feelings of “why me” that come up while I was on Instagram were sticking around because I wasn’t allowing them out.


I have this idea that I’m not allowed to be sad or angry. Old programing I’m trying to change but my daily addiction to social media was really shining a light on this way of being.


If you find yourself sad and depressed after scrolling or unable to pinpoint exactly why you feel so blah, here is one thing that could help. I have been doing this for the last few weeks and it has really helped me tremendously as a “feeling stuffer.” If you find you do the same thing, I really suggest you try this.


Emotional writing


I had heard about release writing from one of my favorite online coaches, Christine Hassler, but I read The Clarity Cleanse recently. In it, Dr. Habib Sadeghi talks about PEW 12, which stands for Purge Emotional Writing.


Basically it’s a free writing technique you do for 12 minutes.


I know writing seems like not enough of an exercise to make a significant shift when you’re feeling like shit, but try it. If you are like me and you were sick and tired of feeling bad, you will try anything.


Plus it’s easy and only takes 12 minutes. All you need is a pen/pencil, something to write on (you can’t use a computer for this, it needs to be handwritten), and a place where you won’t be interrupted for 12 minutes.


I love doing this in the AM. In fact, my suggestion to you is to do this for a week and alternate between doing it before you pickup your phone in the morning and after you have indulged in some social media.


Noticing the difference in how you feel and the emotions it brings up was key for me.


I was so used to stuffing my feelings down that I almost didn’t notice them arise while on my phone. It was only after when I felt so blah and unmotivated that I put the connection together.


Burn, baby, burn


The final step, and my personal favorite, is when the 12 minutes is up you take that piece of paper and light it on fire.


Yes! That’s right, burn it. DO NOT read it over, the purpose of the exercise is to release the emotions and then get rid of them.


Be careful of course. If you don’t feel safe doing this, ripping the paper in little pieces will do the trick. Do whatever feels most destructive to you.


I have been burning my papers in a bowl in my sink, where the water is close by in case anything gets crazy, but find what feels good for you. Just destroy the paper.


Pre-writing pep talk


When you start out, if you are not used to writing down your innermost emotions, it will feel wrong. Your ego will try to filter them and make them “acceptable” feelings and thoughts.


I know because this happens to me a lot.


I found it hardest to write how I was really feeling because my mind was constantly correcting itself to a version of the story that wasn’t angry, mean, bitchy, greedy, etc. All the things we are taught not to be.


Because of this, I found that a little meditation pep talk before the writing really helped. I created a quick little audio for you here.


Listen to it before you start the exercise. It’s under 4 minutes and really helps. Give it a try by clicking the link below!



I found  doing this emotional writing exercise made me want to be on my phone LESS! Yes, it wasn’t as big of a struggle as before. The more I do the exercise the more I’m in touch with how I feel and how IG makes me feel.


I have found myself detoxing naturally. The past 3 weeks I looked at my phone for maybe 20 minutes a day which is a huge change from before, around 2-3 hours a day.


I feel less anxiety and worry about what everyone else is doing way. I am focusing on the important things in life, like relationships, my health, and how I can contribute to the world in a way that feels good.


Ok, that’s all I have for you this week. I hope this helps and let me know if you try out the exercise below in the comments.


All the love,

jodi x


P.S. I have a free download that talks you through all the basics of meditating, download that here for a quick reference on how to breath, sit, place your hands and everything else you need to know.