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Life Coaching for the Spiritually Curious and Stylishly Brave

Hi beautiful,

So glad you are here. Really. Because this is a huge step for me. I have spent a lot of my life doing what I thought others would think was cool instead of listening to what I thought was cool. For the last ten years or so this looked like living in NYC and working in the fashion industry at my dream job as an accessories editor for Elle magazine.

For the better part of my twenties, I spent lots of time at fashion shows and market appointments, flying around the world and wearing lots of diamonds. Sounds awesome, right? It was. Then I turned 30, and something changed in me. No matter how hard I tried to convince myself to stay (my ego really didn’t want me to leave), it wasn't enough and I quit my job, left the city, moved back to Florida and started over. Scary as shit.

I turned my love for fashion and personal growth work into a passion that inspires women to create lives that feel as good as they look. Seeing my clients propel themselves forward towards their dreams instead of worrying about what's in their closet is what drives me.


I work with spiritually curious women who are ready to make a change but don't have a clue where to start. Stylish seekers who are looking to create their own brand of modern spirituality on their terms.

This online space is one that allows style and spirit to co-exsist in a way it hasn't before. A true modern definition of living your best life, finding your flow and creating your own happiness.


Always Polishing Up,



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