There’s no wrong way to meditate, so stop using that excuse! (PLUS, A FREE GUIDED MEDITATION)

Right now you might be thinking, ‘But there must be a right and a wrong way to meditate. I have heard that if you don’t meditate like this, and have that then you won’t get the full effect.’


Yes, there are tools, and techniques that are helpful but trust me when I say you cannot meditate incorrectly. I’ve been doing this for eight years and I’ve done it every way and no way is right or wrong. In fact, your way is always the right way.


I like talking about meditating in terms of working out, because just about everyone can relate.



Think about all the different ways


you’ve tried exercising. You’ve probably been through many seasons of joining a gym, working out at home, doing online workouts, running outside, doing group classes with a friend, and so on.


They were all exercises and would have made you healthy and fit but you continued to look for that one exercise that felt like it was meant for you. Or maybe you just like mixing it up and love to have a bunch of different exercises available to you so you can match one to your mood.


This is what meditation is. There is no one right way. You can mediate a different way every day or stick with the one you love forever, the only thing that matters is that you do it.


Again, like exercise, the hardest part of mediating is getting started. Making the decision and sitting down to meditate is 75% of it. Once you are there, the rest just happens.

Yes, I know getting your mind to be silent is hard work. I hear you. I know it’s not easy to quiet your mind and sit still but you only need four minutes. And if that even seems too much, how about two? Yeah, two minutes. If you don’t have time to commit to two minutes every day for your health and wellbeing then maybe you should take a look at what you are prioritizing.


Minimum Baseline


I’ve just listened to this amazing podcast by my one of my favorite life coaches, Brooke Castillo. On her podcast, The Life Coach School, she talks about this tool called minimum baseline.


Basically it’s about creating tasks that you can easily accomplish to build up your confidence and trust in yourself. You create a minimum baseline for a bigger task you want to accomplish to prove to yourself you can do it.


Now the thing with a minimum baseline is that your ego will try to talk you out of it because it’s super easy. Like…


- What’s the point of mediating for two minutes a day - it won’t do anything?!

- You need to meditate for twenty minutes a day if you want the real results.

- That one girl online mediates for twenty minutes twice a day and she has it all figured out.


BUT you will overcome this because you want it and the task is simple. Two minutes, come on anyone can do two minutes and I promise you that meditating for two minutes a day WILL do tons for you.


Once you commit to doing this, things will change. Not just because you will feel better that you followed through but because you are meditating.


Yes, the longer you sit in meditation the better it is for you, but when you are starting out and mediating seems impossible, sitting for two minutes will slowly change your life. The act of meditating is life changing because you’re letting yourself and the universe know that you’re serious about your mental health and your body.


It’s a symbol that you know how important you are to this world and taking care of your thoughts is a top priority.


Meditating is not about being perfect.


It’s not about clearing out your mind and not thinking. It’s about strengthening the muscle that can acknowledge you are even thinking thoughts. The real power in mediation is when you start thinking about your to-dos or the fight you had with your mom and become aware you have drifted and bring yourself back to the present moment.


It’s about bringing yourself back when you have wandered.


Yes, it’s not as sexy as a flat stomach and cute new clothes but meditation can get you the feeling that you are looking for in the fit body or new outfit, promise.


The only way you will ever feel good enough is if you stop looking out there and start looking in here (she points to her body).


So because I really want to help you find your way on this mediating journey, I have recorded a two minute meditation for you, for free of course!

If you just need a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted, and a comfy place to sit. A chair will work or sitting on the floor crossed-legged is fine too. Let my voice guide you and let go of all the reasons why this won’t work for you. The hardest part is sitting down, but once you do, I promise things will change.


All the love,

jodi xx


P.S. I have a free download that talks you through all the basics of meditating, download that here for a quick reference on how to breath, sit, place your hands and everything else you need to know.