Style By Numbers: Summer Edition

What to Buy Based on Your Budget

style by numbers: summer edition


Don’t you wish someone could tell you what to buy and what to not waste your money on depending on your budget? Like a stylist friend who knows what to ignore and what is necessary to elevate your style. Even better, they can tell you what special details to look out for so even your cheaper purchases don’t look it?

Well, I have what you’re looking for. Below is a list based on budget that you use to plan your summer wardrobe, what to buy and where to spend your hard-earned cash.

I’ve made it easy to follow. I start with the lowest budget and work my way higher, so you can add as your budget allows. NO judgment here, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT spend more than you can afford. Style is not about more things; it’s about HOW you wear them.



Budget: $250

Accessories Rule, the quickest way to update any wardrobe that’s short on cash but big on style is to focus on the accessories.


  • Hat ($) Hats scream summer and style at the same time, plus there are so many good options nowadays that you don’t have to spend a fortune. Everyone from Target to H&M is making affordable, good-looking options.

What to look for: Stiffness in the brim. The tell-tell sign of a cheap hat is a drooping brim or fabric that looks cheap. Go for more classic versions that are made with better quality fabrics rather than trendy cheap styles that look just that.


  • Scarves ($) Scarves have been huge the last few seasons and that’s good news because they are classic and easy to find for not a lot of money. I love the silk scarves Ann Taylor makes, but literally everyone makes them. Plus you can do like a million things, check out my Pinterest board for all my favorite ways to wear scarves this summer. (link here)

What to look for: Patterns! Really look for classic and simple patterns, the wilder the pattern the cheaper it will look unless its Pucci or Hermes and since this is the $250 section, you aren’t buying either of those.


  • Flats ($$) Summer slides are the shoe this season. I am big on spending a little more on shoes because quality really is important here. Out of all these pieces, the shoes should take up the biggest chunk of your budget.

What to look for: Construction of the shoe and comfort. Try them on, walk around the store a while. Nothing kills style more than a shoe that is killing your feet.


  • Earrings ($) Big, colorful, dramatic earrings are everything right now. But the cheap versions can get away from tasteful real quick, so look for a balance in color and ornate details.

What to look for: If there are lots of details (poms poms, tassels, jewels) go light on color and vice versa. Also, large in scale and bright in color when buying cheaper isn’t a good combo.



Budget: $500-$750

I still believe that accessories are the pillar here, but you should also have a few summer staples to up the game. Follow the advice above with these upgrades, only if you want.


  • Hat ($$) It’s always a good idea to invest a little money in a good hat if you have the money to spend. A classic style can last you years. This is especially true for a summer hat that might get beaten up a bit on a boat, at the beach or with chlorine from a pool.


  • White Linen/Cotton Oversized Shirt/Caftan ($$) A coverup is a huge summer staple. Depending on your style, it’s important that you have a staple (for your style) here.

What to Look for: If you are the classic type, a clean beautiful linen or cotton oversized collared shirt is perfect, goes with everything and can always looking timeless. If you are more Boho or trendy go for a great pattern with some detailing like fringe or beading, but buy quality. You will wear these pieces’ time and time again.


  • Bathing Suit ($$) I think this is pretty obvious. Stop cheap-ing out on a bathing suit. This is the foundation for your summer look and you need to feel like million bucks in it. Spend the money on a beautifully fitting suit.

What to Look For: Get real about your body type. If you hate your stomach, do not convince yourself to buy a string bikini. If you have big boob,s don’t buy an ill-fitting top because it’s what’s in style. This is about fit and feeling good, not trends.


  • Bag ($) Summer bags really give an extra edge to personal style. Here you can get trendy and have fun. Don’t spend a ton of money but make sure the bag isn’t crap either. This is where accessories can be so fun, because summer bags can be a little more specific than regular season bags.

What to Look For: Anything goes here, but just don’t buy something that looks like it will fall apart after one wear. Make sure it will last at least 2 seasons in terms of wearability and trendiness.



Budget $1000-$1500

Follow the above suggestions and add the below for even more summer style.


  • Lightweight Patterned Pants ($) Patterned lightweight pants scream summer style and can take you from the beach to cocktail hour. Play with different widths and styles  bell bottoms and details like fringe or pom poms are really popular right now.

What to Look For: This is a big trend now so you should be able to find some great options, just don’t spend too much because, again, they may look dated in a few seasons. Unless it’s totally your style  then find a great quality pair.


  • Dress ($$) Summer dresses are the stuff we dream about in the dead of winter. Everyone owns one I am sure, but every season it’s a great idea to upgrade your summer dress.

What to Look For: Trends you feel drawn to that fit your style. Not just trendy pieces but a dress that feels like it was made for your body.


  • Summer Heels ($$) This is another one of those places to spend a good amount of money because cheap shoes tend to look that way.

What to Look For: Doesn’t have to be $500 pair, but somewhere above $150 is usually a good measure of quality. Make sure you can think of a few occasions you would wear them, as that always helps.


OK, there you have it! My summer wardrobe advice for 2017. I would love to help you with any questions, so hit me up on Instagram with any questions. I love giving style advice so you can feel confident without wasting time or money.


Always Polishing Up,


style by numbers: summer edition
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