May Favorites: My Edit

It’s the most wonderful time of the month (sing that sentence to your favorite holiday song). Here are a few of things I am loving. As always, I try to make this more about actions I am taking rather than simply products that I am buying because consuming less makes me feel like more. Funny how that works.


May Favorites


The Tools (Book)

A therapist recommended this book to me 4/5 years ago when I was living in NYC and going through a tough time. I only remembered that once I began reading it again this month. In my monthly (sometimes bi-weekly) bookstore visits (I love bookstores) I kept seeing this book over and over. I finally bought it a few weeks ago and realized I had read it before and loved it (the cover is different from when I had it before). I just wasn’t in the right space in my life to put the tools into action…until now.

Every page makes so much sense to me and my spiritual/logical mindset. Some the things I do already but having it all laid out in a book with steps and actions makes it so easy to implement, which is exactly why I had to add it to my May favorites. If you are looking for actions to take right now to change your life, reverse bad habits or get your life together, this book could totally be what you need.


7-minute workout (App)

I am sure you have heard of this app. It’s so easy and simple to use and perfect for me as I travel a lot and sometimes space and equipment are not available. I can do this workout anywhere, literally, I've done it in between beds in a tiny ass NYC hotel room. It takes 7 minutes so it’s easy to get motivated to do it and actually sweat after the 7 minutes. You can do more rounds to up your exercise game, but in a pinch one 7 minute session makes me feel so good.


Marianne Williamson Tuesday Night Lectures (Video)

I used to watch these live lectures a lot when Marianne was in L.A. and then I dropped off a little because when you’re feeling good you tend to forget about how you got to feeling so good. Well, I have started watching them again and it feels like a beautiful reunion. Marianne does them live from NYC now, and you can tune in every Tuesday from 7:30PM-9:30PM EST. She starts with one of her insane meditations, lectures till about 8:30, more prayer, then answers audience questions till about 9:30. I feel so high after watching this and it’s becoming my favorite time of the week.


KEP Earrings (Style)

I am really into earrings right now. It’s the easiest accessory to update any outfit from day to night. I feel instantly ready to be seen by anyone when I have a dramatic earring on. This KEP Design pair is a take on the ever-popular “bon bon” earrings that everyone is wearing, but it’s a slight variation and I like being different.

The white is so striking as well. It’s a cross between classic palm beach and 60s mod, and perfect for summer.


Spirulina Tablets (Health)


This pick was a mistake. I was looking for the Spirulina powder I normally buy to put in smoothies and juices. I was in a rush as Whole Foods and found the brand I was looking for but didn’t bother to check if it was a powder  I didn’t know it came any other way. When I got home I found out I bought the tablets. At first, I was annoyed but then thought, have maybe this is better. I can take them in the morning and know I got all these good vitamins in me without the sometimes weird taste of the powder.



That’s all I got for you this month. I hope you enjoyed reading, as I do enjoy sharing.


Always Polishing Up,


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