Why laundry is the ultimate style secret

If you are reading this to get Martha Stewart-like tips on folding laundry and getting stains out, this ain’t that.


I am using laundry as a metaphor of sorts. Yes, doing laundry is part of the process I’m going to walk you through, but this blog is about a mindset. It’s about learning to take care of the things you own before you go out and buy more — that’s where the magic is, and that’s my style secret.



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Let me tell you a little story.


This past weekend, I was at the mall with my girlfriend. I was looking for a pair of earrings I have been searching for for weeks now (spoiler alert, I found them!) and doing some research on a new style of sunglasses I was interested in. I never buy the first time I’m searching for something. I research first (another style secret).


As I was looking at all the options at Sunglass Hut, I had the realization that I already own the exact style of sunglasses I was looking for and they are an amazing brand, Morgenthal  Frederics.


How did I not remember that I already owned this pair?


Because I haven’t been spending enough time looking at and loving what I already own. Everywhere we turn we get messages like ‘buy this’, ‘you need that’, ‘try this’. It takes focus to change the mindset of never having enough.


One of the practices I have used throughout my style and self-acceptance journey is gratitude, and your closet is a great place to start.


I teach this in my style coaching, and it’s one of the best tools to stop yourself from buying things you don’t need.


When we buy something, it’s usually about instant gratification. Once the moment passes, so does the feeling. We get home with our purchase, still so excited, and place this beautiful new dress/blouse/pair of shoes in our closet and it makes us so happy.


Fast-forward to a month later and you’ve forgotten about it…. Why?!


The answer: you aren’t paying attention to it.


In this day and age we’re blessed to have almost everything we want. This can be good, but it also has a negative side. Here’s how to change that:


Take the time to look after your clothes.


If you’re a planner, then pick a day of the week to do this. If you like taking 10 minutes a day, do that. You know yourself, so find the schedule that works for you and do the following:


Tidy Up

I know I sound like your mom, but put away your clothes where they belong. Hang up everything that’s on the floor, actually put away those clean clothes. Spend some time dusting, vacuuming, and adding a pretty picture or fresh flowers to the space, whatever lights you up.




I actually love doing my laundry because it gives me a chance to touch all my clothes and remember how I loved wearing them. I take the time to make sure I am taking care of them properly. Put the delicates in special bags, separate the colors, hang dry my delicates, etc. I love spending time truly appreciating what I own.


Bonus: Check for stains and any mending needed like loose buttons, dropped hems, etc. We all have clothes that need some extra attention and they sit in your closet for weeks and never get worn, fix it!



Yes, I want you to touch your clothes and accessories. Right now you’re saying,  “I know what I have”, but I promise you this will change your outlook and help your style.


Go through your drawers, closets, shoe racks and jewelry boxes, look at your belongings and remind yourself why you bought them. Think of new ways to wear them and get excited. Look how much you own — man, you’re #blessed.


The process above can literally take you 5 minutes a day. You have the time, I promise you.


The impact that this process will have on your life extends beyond material things. This practice will make you feel genuinely happy and fulfilled, as well as so grateful for all you have.


That’s what this is all about.


Want more?  Get my step-by-step process of cleaning out your closet in the FREE Closet Clean-Out Challenge. It’s a self-study 5-day email program. You can sign up for that here — go get it!


Always Polishing Up,


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