June/July Summer Favorites

The summer is definitely a whole different beast and the routines and things I use in the summer vary from the rest of the year. Not just because of weather (because it’s really hot all year round here in good ol’ South Florida) but because the energy feels different.


Even though I’m not in school anymore, all those years really stick with you and summer has a special vibe of freedom and endless (albeit lazy) possibilities.


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So I grouped these summer favorites together BECAUSE:

  1. It was easier and I am so lazy in the summer

  2. I thought you might also be lazy in the summer.


Ok, enough intro, let’s get this party started.


Quick reminder: I really try to keep these favorites less about buying things and more about actions we can take like reading, watching, listening, meditating, thinking, etc.





May Cause Miracles (Watch + Read)

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen my summer morning daily practice which has included my good friend Gabrielle Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles book and complementing online course.


It’s a 40-day guide book and touches on subjects like self-love, relationships, money and body. It’s one of my top summer favorites, and a great way to start any type of daily practice.



Apple Cider Vinegar (Taste)

I have re-introduced ACV (as the cool kids call it) into my morning routine. My first go-around I tried to do little shots of it and that was no bueno. But someone told me to just put a splash into my morning water and I am in love again. It makes me feel so good and gets the body moving, if you catch my drift.


I love the Bragg brand which you can find almost everywhere, even Wal-Mart. I add lemon to it as well and I find it balances the taste really well.


money mantras (thoughts)

I am really working on rewiring my mindset around money and the best way I know to reset old thought patterns is to drill myself with new thoughts.


I do this via podcasts, recordings, and mantras.


I have come across some big blocks about being a successful woman and not needing a prince charming to save me, and I am more determined than ever to conquer those fears and get to work, because I know there are tons of people out there who need my services!


My favorite for this particular topic right now is the queen herself, Denise DT. I love her blog post about money affirmations — it included a PDF with 111 money mantras, very helpful if you don’t know how to start.


I’ve also been listening to a lot of Abraham Hicks audio books in the car and most recently I have found Marisa Peer and Hypnotherapy via Jess Lively. All the links are below:


Denise Duffield-Thomas: http://luckybitch.com/money-affirmations/

Abraham Hicks Audio Book: https://itunes.apple.com/us/audiobook/money-law-attraction-learning-to-attract-wealth-health/id289288659

Marisa Peer: https://www.marisapeer.com



Alrighty then, that’s all I got.


As you can see, for me, the summer energy is all about taking it slow and adjusting the areas in my life where I know I can do better. It’s about going inside and finding the root cause of some issues that I have held onto and practicing lots and lots of self-care.


I hope that some of these summer favorites have got you thinking about where you might want to do better, as well as showing you that we are all human. I’m working every day to be better and serve this planet with everything I got.


Always Polishing Up,


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