January Favorites

January favorites


This is the first blog I am writing for the newly designed Polishing Up website. It makes me so happy! I have spent a lot of time planning out the content and design for this website, and want it to deliver lots of style inspiration inside and out.

It has taken me a while to get to the point where I can feel confident enough to even start a “blog” – not sure why I feel so crushed by what others might think, but I want to be of service in this world now more than ever, and that passion is far greater than my fear of being judged, so here we are.

I thought we would take it nice and slow and start out with my January favorites, also known as The Top Edit. You know how when you watch a video or read an article and just want to send it to all your friends and family and tell them how awesome it is and they have to read/watch it? That’s what this is. So check out my favorites the below and let me know what you think. If something made you cry or laugh, or you hate it or wear it, hit me up. Click away and get lost down a rabbit hole of inspiration.

Website - The Real Real

Recently I have had this urge to purge. I don’t know if it’s because I have been listening to the minimalist podcast, but I really want to have less (one of quotes they always mention on the podcast is, “love people, use things  the opposite doesn't work.” How awesome is that?). I had heard about The Real Real before, but used another service for years to sell the high end things I no longer needed, but I wanted a change. I also wanted someone to do it all for me :) and they do! This beautiful woman, Kristen, came out to my apartment and went through all the pieces I wanted to let go of. She took pictures, wrapped them up, and poof! We were done. Within 24 hours I had an email listing all my items and detailed instructions about where they were going. Also, the website is so easy to use. A seriously easy January favorite.


Book - Mastering your Mean Girl 


I have been following Melissa Ambrosini on IG for a little while now and have seen her book around the internet for a little while, but it wasn’t until I was buying a bunch of Christmas gifts on Amazon that I decided to add Mastering Your Mean Girl to my cart. They say that when the time is right, the teacher will appear, and I am all in with this one. I have been religiously following all the instructions and exercises in the book (you know, because it’s so easy to say you'll come back to it, but never do) and practicing the worthiness meditation. Ohhh it good.


Podcast - So Money with Farnoosh Torabi 


I have issues with money. Don’t we all? This podcast is really helping me face mine. Farnoosh has such a clear-headed, straightforward, non-old-fashioned way of explaining finances. I love this podcast. She uploads a ton, so I always have my pick of episodes to choose from, and she has EVERYONE on from Tony Robbins to Danielle LaPorte. I credit her with helping me pay off (almost all) my credit card debt last year. Thank you!


Accessory - Ann Taylor Silk Scarf


We all know that chokers have been the rage for some time, but I love this updated style inspiration using a silk pocket scarf. I got this one from Ann Taylor and they did such a good job of marketing it. They made this awesome video showing you how to style it different ways (watch it here). I am a sucker for a well edited and styled short video, so this had to be one of my January favorites.


Video - Glamour: 28 Days in Just Two Minutes 


I found this video when I was pursuing one of my favorite “favorite things” posts from Katie Dalebout. She calls hers Monthly Meanderings  it’s always filled with super interesting bits about everything. This video Glamour posted on FB about the emotional and physical changes women go through during a month. To say it’s good is an understatement. The video is informative and so well made, and 2 minutes! I watched it like 6 times already and sent to my boyfriend and sister.  


Always Polishing Up,



Full Moon 10th at 7:33PM EST

This time for letting go and forgiving, yes, that’s what i said, forgive. Check out this great article here for a little guidance.

New Moon 26th at 10:00AM EST

The is the best time for setting new intentions. I love a ritual and step-by-step process, so here is a great one  check this out.

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