Closet Remix: Black Coat

Style Inspiration for pieces you already own

The number one thing clients, friends, and strangers tell me is that they know they have a ton of clothes in their closet but feel like they have nothing to wear...ever. This happens because we get stuck in patterns. Like anything in our lives, from starting a new exercise plan to going to bed earlier, the reason why it's so hard to change is always the same. Our brains are always trying to save energy and therefore create patterns so we don’t have to think about everything all the time. We're working against our brains when we change our routine. So when we look at our closet, our brain thinks…

This dress goes with those shoes and this handbag because that is what we have always done.

But in reality, that dress can go with other shoes and other bags, and possibly a jacket or duster. You see, our minds are trying to be efficient because of a thing called decision fatigue. (Manrepeller did a great article on it here)

It’s a theory behavior economists study that means we have a limited amount of decision-making ability every day.

Your brain isn’t lazy, it’s a survival mechanism.

So, to help you and your brain, I have put together a mood board with lots of style inspiration for that classic closet staple, the black coat. I know when I lived in NYC I felt so bored in the winter months because I wanted to be warm but still stylish (it was kinda mandatory at a fashion magazine). It’s possible, and I have some proof. Check out the images below and save this mood board for those months when you need to save up some of your decisions for later.

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CurateJodi Belden