Things I'm Afraid To Tell You 3

Here we are again at the point when I keep putting off writing this blog because it’s the most raw and real. But like most things good for you, it feels so good after.


This time around is harder than ever and I am not sure why. There is something different in the air and my energy. I am feeling a little more helpless than normal. Some of my normal go-to’s (meditation, reading certain books, baths, etc.) aren’t working as quickly as normal, if at all.


I am really having to amp up practice of self-love. Hatred is trying to find a bigger spot in my body and I am doing everything in my power to fight it off.


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My ego is wanting me to pretend everything's ok and fall into a robotic state of shallow feelings and surface level conversations. It’s tricky. Your ego can sound a lot like wisdom trying to protect you.


In fact, it wasn’t until this point in my writing I felt safe to share the truth and honesty.. It has come over me and now I am ready to share the things I’m afraid to tell you.


Here we go...


This feeling of “there is never enough” takes over me more than I comfortable with.


How, sometimes, I am mean to the people I am closest to and love but nicer to people I don’t even know.


The amount of motivation is takes me to write blogs makes me feel like I should stop doing this.


Some Sundays, I spend almost the whole day in bed, watching tv–I feel guilty about it.


I am torn between my desire to own beautiful things and the knowing they won’t make me happier.


At least 75% of the time, I don’t think I have anything important to say that people will care about.


I will never have enough money to feel safe.


Maybe it’s not relationships that are hard. Maybe it’s me. I’m not good enough.


My attempts at self-improvement are futile.


I know this isn’t for everyone…

...but if you feel moved to share, why not write your own list of things you’re afraid to tell. Doesn't have to be on a website, even in your journal counts. Hearing your truth helps to recognize it more often and maybe even share it one day.


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Always Polishing Up,


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