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Life Coaching for the Spiritually Curious and Stylishly Brave

the "you absolutely have time for this" meditation challenge

7 days to making meditation an irresistible habit (in 4 minutes)


Polishing up is...

focused on creating a life that feels even better than it looks.

Hey Beautiful! So glad you finally made it.  I’m Jodi, a stylist with 12 years of experience in the fashion industry (7 of them as an editor at ELLE Magazine, cool huh?) I left my dream job in NYC because while it was like a movie, the good and the bad, I knew that I needed to show women that the secret to an effortless confidant style had nothing to do with being a size 2, designer names or "it" anything. 

Style is way more than something you buy, in fact, you already have it. I'm here to show you just that. I have spent way too much time thinking I could be happy if I just had more money, or more clothes. Maybe you thought that too? As it turns out you don’t need either. You just need a little guidance (part stylist, part life-coach) and a lot of love. Join me on the journey…