The ONLY Questions to Ask Yourself in a Dressing Room


Imagine this: you’re standing in a badly-lit dressing room and even though everything about this cramped space usually makes you hate what you brought in with you, this time it’s different. This time, you know exactly what you want and it feels so good.

Imagine that! No paralysis analysis over whether you need this dress or that coat. No texting your friends pictures and getting their opinions on what you’re wearing (which is usually just them telling you whatever you want to hear anyway).


What if you knew exactly what to buy and it felt sooo right?

Well, I have some good news, so I hope you’re still listening...ok good. I have come up with three questions that I ask myself every time I’m in a dressing room and need to know for sure what to buy.

Stores spend millions, actually billions of dollars to confuse you into thinking you need this, that and the other thing. It’s not your fault your head is cluttered with confusion, but these three questions will clear that up straight away.

Stop wasting money and time buying and returning and rebuying. Let’s get what you need/want in order to feel your absolute best in your personal style and move on to the real event here, your life.

OK, here are the only three questions you need to be asking yourself in the dressing room:


Question #1

How does this make me feel?

I know this may sound contrite, but don’t ignore the power of your feelings. Too many of us buy with our heads. Stop that! Personal style is who you are, not just what your budget or closet space allows. Stop trying to think yourself into your style!

This is what a conversation with myself looks like

Me: How do I feel in this?

Me 2: Not sure, I keep tugging at this spot

Me: hmmm, that’s not a good sign, don’t buy it, let’s keep looking

Me 2: But it’s such a good price and we haven’t been able to find this style

Me: But it doesn’t fit and you’re uncomfortable

Me 2: But I really wanted to buy something like this today..

Me: We will find something, but this isn’t it

I know it can feel ridiculous, but I also know you know this scenario all too well. Stop thinking that there isn’t going to be another dress, pair of jeans, or off-the-shoulder top like this one. Scarcity is the worst mental state to be in when shopping. Remember that there is always more where that came from.


Question #2

What would my muse wear? (Or WWMMW if you’re over 30)

What muse am I talking about? It’s just me, myself and I. I teach all my clients in my style coaching about creating a muse when working on personal style. Your muse is a person (or people)  who embodies the style you truly want.

I don’t usually advise you to focus in on just one particular person, but this muse is a made up women who wear exactly what you wish you wore every day. She can be a mixture of a few styles. This is one of my favorite exercises and really helps when deciding what to wear, what to buy and when editing your closet.

If your muse wouldn’t wear it, then you shouldn’t either. It’s easy when we take the decision out of our own body and propose it onto our muse, outside of us. This little exercise works for lots of decisions — try it.


Question #3

Is this on my list?

That list, my friend, is the one you have been keeping and consistently adding to and subtracting from when you aren’t shopping. Like I said earlier, when we’re shopping, our minds are being hijacked by marketing and discounts and all the subliminal messaging to make us feel the need to buy.

I teach my clients how to make a list while clear headed and to keep this list on their phones or something that is with them at all times. We add the things we truly need that will complete and grow our personal style.

The pieces on this list will complete other pieces you own, replace old versions of pieces that need to be donated, and add new dimensions you have been wanting to try but also forget to look for while your mind is being manipulated by photoshopped images and friendly sales associates.

That’s it. Three questions, nice and simple. Write them down in your phone next to your list, and practice using them next time you can't make a decision about clothes or personal style. This technique also works for online shopping.

Let me know if this worked for you or if you have any questions. I love to help, so let me!


Always Polishing Up,


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